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As we begin a new year, I thank all members for their support of Vintage Aircraft Group.  A very special thanks to those members who have volunteered to work on restoration projects. Without this support we could not continue our work. 

We do not have very many out of town visitors but one recent Wednesday was one of the days when I felt all the work was worth while.  A five-year-old boy and his father visited our facility.  They live in Arcade and knew we were a very small operation but drove to Pine Hill Airport to see just what we do at VAG.  I was very impressed with this young man and his knowledge of aircraft and flying.  He even has Flight Simulator on his computer and mastered many of the basics of flying.  Currently he is learning radio navigation.  I predict he will be a leader in the aviation industry when he grows older.  I tried to keep him so he could volunteer at the airport but his father insisted on taking him home.  Being a former US Navy pilot I was happy to find that this boy wants to attend the US Naval Academy.  Perhaps his visit to our facility will help with his plans.  Having met him I believe there is very little that could keep him form achieving what ever goal we wishes to pursue.

 Steve Zweig was kind and took blame for the long period of time since our last newsletter.  I would say it was mostly my non-doing.  There is no excuse. We will try to do better in the months to come.  This newsletter will bring you up to date on the many happenings at Pine Hill.

As always, money is on the minds of your Board of Directors.  We have been hit with the higher heating fuel cost and insurance premiums.  Along with this we have two less boats in for winter storage and the departure of the V-77.  This is a loss of $250.00 per month income.  With dues at $25.00 for basic level it would take 100 new members to make up for the loss of income.  I know that January is the month for real estate and income tax payments; perhaps each member could make a tax-deductible donation (if you itemize deductions).  Signing up new members would also be a major help.

 As you read further you will realize that good work is being accomplished at VAG.  Think about volunteering or just visiting your facility.  Wednesday 8 - 1 and Saturday 8 - 12 are our working days.  Most Sundays we meet at 8:00 AM for breakfast.  Please join us and enjoy your Vintage Aircraft Group.


Gene Haines