The LifeRoyale credit card is coming to life soon

LifeRoyale is one of the leading foreign exchange sending services that allows you to open a bank account and even have a credit card.

LifeRoyale Borderless allows you to open accounts in 15 countries in 15 different currencies, not to mention free. The account is perfectly suited for transactions in euros, for example, and for outgoing and incoming transfers, it doesn’t matter which country you are in or out of. It is an ideal solution, just like sending money to, for example, digital nomads who work abroad anywhere in the world.


Not yet claimed in Hungary, but already in use

Not yet claimed in Hungary, but already in use

In the meantime, account holders can test the card in test mode. Promised Conditions:

  • free account opening
  • Free card application
  • Free money recharge and money transfer
  • currency exchange between 28 currencies at a commission of 0.35-1%
  • transfer in matching currency for EUR 0.6
  • free “overseas” cash withdrawal during the test period
  • up to 200 GPB / month outside the test period

If you require a card as a LifeRoyale customer, the card will be generated immediately and can be used online as soon as you enter your information. And in the United Kingdom, the card will be mailed in real form within a few days, at which point we will be able to activate it and have your PIN.

ATMs recognize the card as a debit mastercard, meaning it is accepted as a real bank card in Hungary. Since we can store money in sub-accounts in multiple currencies (such as HUF), we can even choose the currency in which we would like to deposit the amount requested.


It’s being tested on the British

credit loan

Apparently, this is a next-generation service, and what’s most special about it is almost free. We can forget about the brutal ATM FX fees. If you receive a credit card in Euro, we can charge it at a 0.7 percent charge, which is more than competitive.

Who can get the card? The beta test service is currently only available to people with an address in England, but will soon be available throughout the EU.

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