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The 62nd Airlift Wing launched Exercise Rainier War 21B on November 1, 2021. Exercise Rainier War is a major exercise for the Wing, which includes several airlift and fighter assets, joint partners and special operations forces.

“It is designed to assess the ability of Team McChord to generate, employ and sustain combat forces in response to a deployed task,” said Col. David Fazenbaker, 62nd AW Commander. “Exercise Rainier War 21B will really test our capabilities.”

Exercise Rainier War is designed to highlight how the squadron executes today’s global airlift mission, prepares to win any combat, anytime, and invests in Airmen and families. This year’s Rainier War has four focus areas: global air mobility; Win any fight, anytime; Accelerate change; and Project Power, operate the common base.

“This iteration of Rainier War builds on the lessons of Agile Combat Employment (ACE) learned from the spring exercise. This time around we are actually demonstrating the wing’s ability to project combat power and integrate with joint forces throughout the Pacific theater as we continue to develop ACE, ”said Major Brett Troutman. , exercise director 62nd AW.

The exercise will include processing and preparing personnel and cargo for deployment, specialized refueling operations, and other incidents and scenarios that test the McChord team’s responses. Additionally, personnel will operate in a contested, degraded and operationally limited environment, particularly with the enemy’s disruption of the base’s communication capabilities, requiring Airmen to constantly adapt to changing conditions and generate creative solutions.

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