Acquire new skills, qualifications and work experience – all at the same time

With so many courses and positions available, no two students enrolled in a WSP will have the same experience.

Ms. Lam Sook Ee, for example, is taking a specialist diploma course in robotics and automation while working at United Test and Assembly Center Limited (UTAC), a world leader in the testing and assembly of semi-automatic devices. drivers.

She graduated from TP with a degree in electronics in 2021, but, due to market uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she was unsure whether she wanted to join the job market or continue her studies.

The WSP gave him the best of both worlds. The 23-year-old liked that she could take on a full-time job and her responsibilities, while having time to pursue her interests.

She had taken a module on robotics in her third year at TP, and had found it interesting. “I thought it was cool that we have robotic arms that can pick up and put things together, from bottles to microchips, and even ‘see’ with machine vision,” she says.

In her role as an Associate Engineer at UTAC, she sees firsthand how robotics has reduced labor requirements, taking over the arduous and time-consuming tasks of human workers. “I love being able to apply what I learned in school to my workplace, like the robotic grippers used to pick up and place embedded chips.”

Four days a week, she tests and repairs integrated circuits on the UTAC production floor. “At first I found it difficult to wear the suit, but I got used to it,” she says.

She now attends evening classes at TP two weekdays a week. “Initially, I found it difficult to balance work and studies. But my teachers were understanding and ready to help me.

Learning continues from the classroom to the workplace

Despite their initial concerns, Mr. Chua and Ms. Lam find juggling studies and a full-time job manageable. Indeed, WSP companies are committed to adapting the teaching schedule so that students have enough time for lessons and revision, alongside their professional responsibilities.

Mr. Chua and Ms. Lam are also impressed with the high quality of teaching and guidance from TP trainers. Many of them have strong credentials and experience in the industry and can offer a realistic perspective on what to expect in that particular industry.

“The lab teachers are very supportive of our learning, sometimes even answering our emails at 9 or 10 p.m. to help us understand the material,” says Chua.

Ms. Lam Ee adds, “Teachers are always ready to help us and I like that, with the face-to-face teaching, I immediately get any questions I have clarified.”

Beyond lecturers, WSP students are also offered an on-the-job industry mentor, often their immediate supervisor.

Having an industry veteran to guide them is extremely helpful in their learning and learning journey, as Mr. Chua and Ms. Lam can attest. “The learning curve (in aerospace engineering) is quite steep, so it’s good that I have a mentor I can ask for help,” says Chua.

Being full-time employees also allowed them to be more financially independent. They both enjoy getting a leg up on some of their peers, earning their first full-time salary, and gaining valuable work experience that will enhance their employability.

Ms. Lam recalls that she initially had some apprehensions about the WSP. “I was afraid that work and studies would be a heavy burden, but my parents encouraged me to enroll and try. Now I am happy to be in an interesting training, to work in a field that excites me. It has definitely opened up more options for my future.

Temasek Polytechnic is still accepting applications for the work-study program starting in October 2022. Apply by August 15, 2022 for a head start in your future career.

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