After exercises with the Indian Navy, the American aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan has a new mission in the Arabian Sea

After exercises with the Indian Navy, the US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan has been transferred to the Arabian Sea to support the ongoing withdrawal of the army from Afghanistan, the US Naval Institute (USNI) reported on Friday.

The USS Ronald Reagan had just completed its exercises with the Indian Navy and will replace the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower strike group which has been operating in the region since April, USNI reported.

The last time a U.S. aircraft carrier was moved from Japan to the Middle East was during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, when the now decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk was routed to the region.

The decision to move a US Navy aircraft carrier to the Middle East comes amid reports of an increase in Taliban attacks on Afghan government forces as the United States withdraws its military from ‘Afghanistan, which should be completed before September 11.

Ronald Reagan (foreground) operates with Kitty Hawk (center) and Abraham Lincoln (foreground) on his first cruise in June 2006 – Wikipedia

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Russia Said Tayeb Jawad told Sputnik that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is irresponsible to the citizens of the war-torn country because it is done without considering the situation on the ground.

“Probably not [responsible], when it comes to Afghans, ”said Jawad, when asked about the US withdrawal.

At the same time, the ambassador admitted that Washington’s actions corresponded to the lack of interest of the American people in continuing the war.

“I think the decision was taken without having any real consultation and without taking into account the situation in Afghanistan. US domestic politics are responsible for this decision, ”Jawad added.

The United States and the Taliban signed a peace accord in February 2020. The agreement notably stipulated the withdrawal of foreign armed forces from Afghanistan in exchange for the reduction of violence by the Taliban and the guarantee that the country would not will not become a refuge for terrorists. .

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