All Business La Compagnie receives IOSA security certification

La Compagnie, the French business class airline, has obtained its Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certification from IATA. IOSA is an internationally recognized and accepted assessment system designed to assess an airline’s operational management and control systems. The Company states that certification allows it to publicly affirm the safety compliance of its operations.

IOSA certification paves the way for IATA membership

The Company joins more than 400 airlines on IATA’s IOSA registry. IATA calls its certification process the benchmark for global safety management in the airline industry and makes it a requirement for IATA membership. The Company was assessed on the eight most important aspects related to the safety of flight operations, including the organization and the management system; flight operations; operational control and flight dispatch; aircraft engineering and maintenance (safety and maintenance procedures); cabin operations (crew maintenance); ground handling operations; cargo operations: and security management (monitoring security standards within the airline).


“We are proud to have successfully completed this complex audit. The rigorous quality and safety of our operations, which are of course our main priority, are now recognized worldwide. With this certification, we are taking another step to the development of the Company, opening us up to strategic opportunities and potential agreements with other airlines”, said Christian Vernet, Chairman of La Compagnie.

The Company operates a fleet of all business class Airbus A321neos. Photo: The Company

Future strategic airline partnerships in sight for La Compagnie

The lure of strategic opportunities and agreements with other airlines could be the icing on the certification cake for La Compagnie. The competitively priced business-class airline normally operates flights between France and the United States, despite the interruptions of the pandemic. But since the first launch eight years ago, La Compagnie has flown very well on its own, without the bells and whistles of interline agreements and partner airlines.

Of course, not having these agreements in place makes running an airline simpler and cheaper – and when competing on price, ongoing operational costs are significant. But business class types traveling beyond La Compagnie’s main ports of Paris Orly (ORY) and New York Newark (EWR) generally like to fly straight to the lounge and not have to worry about collecting their bags and register again.

Life on board a La Compagnie flight is pretty good, no matter which direction you’re flying in. Photo: The Company

A strange easyJet pairing

Obtaining IOSA certification allows membership in IATA, which gives La Compagnie a certain degree of respectability of traditional airlines, at least from a safety and regulatory point of view, making the company airline a more attractive partner proposition for other IATA member airlines. Interestingly, La Compagnie’s existing partner airline is easyJet – an odd pairing given the vastly different demographics the two airlines pitch their product to.

“Our goal is to become a reference beyond the in-flight experience; we want La Compagnie to be a source of inspiration for everything related to the lifestyle of the destination: from self-care to food and design.” Mr Vernet said in March in a comment clearly at odds with the easyJet partnership. “Our clientele are constantly looking for a smart, upscale and thoughtful experience aboard La Compagnie, and we look forward to attracting business and leisure travelers alike.”

Meanwhile, in addition to flying between ORY and EWR, La Compagnie is sending its 76-seat Airbus A321neo between Newark and Milan (MXP) and will operate flights between EWR and Nice (NCE) during this summer hemisphere season. North.

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