Anuvu strikes 100 retrofitted Southwest Airlines Boeing 737NGs

In-flight technology provider Anuvu achieved a great goal in its South West Airlines connectivity upgrade, with 100 aircraft now modernized.

Southwest Boeing 737-700 Arriving at O’Hare – Image, Economy Class and Beyond

This is part of the modernization program between Southwest Airlines and Anunvu on 350 of its 737NG aircraft. This partnership will offer Southwest customers and crew up to 10 times the speed and bandwidth of current equipment.

Southwest is testing the new Anuvu service for free on select West Coast flights through June 10. With Anuvu’s enhanced offering, Southwest passengers will be able to enjoy higher-bandwidth media sites such as HBO Max and Netflix.

The full fleet of 350 aircraft is expected to be equipped by the end of 2022.

The upgraded hardware, dubbed Dedicated Space, uses software intelligence to make the best use of available bandwidth under real-world conditions, giving passengers a more reliable and stable Internet experience.

What is improved

The installation included the development, integration, certification and production delivery of four new components for the aircraft’s connectivity system: modem data unit, 40W high power transceiver, high power transceiver 50W power and Wi-Fi 6 hotspot.

Anuvu completed the first full modernization of Southwest’s 737NG aircraft on April 1, 2022, less than a year after the launch of the program, which now exceeds the 100 mark.

In inverted commas

Mike Pigott, executive vice president of connectivity for Anuvu, said

“Anuvu’s modernization program is an important next step in our long relationship with Southwest Airlines and exemplifies the work our team is doing to propel the industry into the future,”

“We are excited to complete this facility as we continue to revolutionize aviation technology.”

High bandwidth in the air

We all know that demand for bandwidth only goes one way – and upwards. With the upgrade program proceeding at a brisk pace, it is expected to provide an improved in-flight internet experience for passengers traveling to the southwest.

It is also heartening to see an upgrade unfold at a steady pace, with the fleet feeling the full force of the upgrade when it is completed by the end of the year.

Anuvu and Southwest were also shortlisted for the Crystal Cabin Awards as finalists in the IFEC and Digital Services category, which recognizes joint business innovation to deliver bandwidth and in-seat passenger experience.

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