Ashley Naval Officer Receives Safety Leadership Award

Naval Officer Ashley received a Safety Award for his leadership during the overhaul of the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis in Newport News, Virginia.

US Navy Lt. Michael McKenna received the FY20 Safety Leadership Award last month from Rear Admiral Fredrick Luchtman, Commander of the Naval Safety Center.

McKenna, who holds the position of Industrial Hygiene Manager, was recognized for his outstanding achievements in excellence in safety leadership and risk management during refueling and the complex overhaul of the carrier. planes.

Choosing McKenna for the money was pretty easy, Cmdr. Matthew Hobert, security officer on the aircraft carrier, and U.S. Navy Captain Doug Langenberg, the ship’s executive officer, said in an article prepared by the Navy Office of Community Outreach.

“He does an incredible job making sure that we educate the crew and staff who do the work related to refueling and complex overhaul,” Hobert said. “He also went above and beyond what he was required to do to prepare for RCOH before we came to Newport News.”

McKenna ensured that the shipyard crew and workers correctly used their personal protective equipment and supervised the sampling of air quality, deck and paint materials, and monitored the work in order ensure that the worker has received the appropriate level of PPE.

During the RCOH, a 25-person paint and deck sampling team took 1,377 samples to identify toxic components, such as silica, that might be in the materials to be removed.

In addition, McKenna worked with 39 different divisions and production teams to perform 300 hygiene assessments for paint and bridge preservation operations and to train team members to build containment structures to prevent toxic materials to escape.

“The RCOH environment presents many health and safety risks in the work of our teams,” said McKenna. “We have a lot of staff doing work that they wouldn’t necessarily be expected to do when entering the Navy. There is an additional risk to that, and it is our job as a security service to assess those doing the job and monitor it to make sure they have all the tools and resources to perform their job. work safely.

McKenna worked with his team in the security department, as well as in command, to integrate the security rules and ensure the safety of the ship in the industrial environment.

For McKenna, the award was the result of teamwork from the security service, as well as the ship, and the work they’ve done together over the past year and a half.

“I was fortunate to have a great team around me,” said McKenna. “And that has contributed a lot to this award.”

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