Buchanan resident inducted into State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame

BUCHANAN — State Senator Pete Harckham honored Duane Jackson for his induction into the New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame in 2022 and commemorated his military service at a special ceremony held at the Buchanan Village Hall, attended by a number of veterans and local officials.

At the ceremony, Harckham presented Jackson with a memorial plaque and a Senate proclamation regarding his induction into the Hall of Fame.

“Duane’s unique professional career has included public service and entrepreneurship, as well as a consistent focus on helping fellow armed service veterans,” Harckham said. “He is also a true American hero in the fight against terrorism who deserves our immense thanks for all he has accomplished.”

Originally born and raised in California, Jackson served in the Navy aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ranger in the Pacific during the Vietnam War. At the time of his discharge from the Navy, Duane held the rank of E3, Airman.

After his service, Jackson received a bachelor’s degree in urban planning from Boston University and later continued his education with postgraduate work in Washington. CC

Prior to starting his own business, he worked with the New York City Department of Housing and Preservation, the New York City Board of Education (School Buildings Division), and an engineering firm private.

In May 2010, Duane made national headlines when he foiled a potential terrorist attack in Times Square. While running his own street vendor business, Jackson witnessed smoke coming from an empty, illegally parked SUV, and quickly alerted the city police.

After investigation, city authorities discovered that the car contained a propane and gasoline bomb, which did not explode. The perpetrator was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. In full recognition of his heroism that day, a few days later, Jackson received a call from President Obama who, on behalf of the country, thanked him for his continued service to the city and the country.

Jackson has served on Buchanan’s Board of Directors and is now Co-Chair of the Buchanan Historical Society and Fellow of the Westchester County Historical Society.

He completed his research on America’s first African-American soldiers in the 1st Rhode Island Regiment, a pioneering military unit in the Revolutionary War, which played a vital and heroic role in the battle at the bridge crossing. Pines of the Croton River in 1781.

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