China flaunts ‘stealth power’ with Shenyang FC-31 and J-20 Mighty Dragons at CPC event

China flaunted its J-20 stealth fighters during the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) centenary celebrations on July 1. A total of 15 J-20 “Mighty Dragons” flew over Beijing’s skies in formation.

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This marked the largest number of China’s most advanced warplanes on display before the general public in a single event.

The J-20s, five in each of the three V-shaped formations, flew over Tiananmen Square in aerial performances to celebrate the CCP’s 100th anniversary, as reported by the Global Times.

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Although the size of the PLA’s stealth fighter fleet is not yet known, the Chinese military is likely to receive more J-20s and other advanced warplanes in the future, experts said. .

Meanwhile, a prototype of the Chinese FC-31 stealth jet was on display to the public in an exhibition park. Experts see this as an indication that the development of this jet has reached an important milestone and has entered the next stage.

Shenyang Aircraft Corp (SAC) Aviation Exhibition Center recently hosted an FC-31 aircraft as a new exhibit.

This drew visitors from across the country to come and see the plane up close on June 29, which marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of SAC, the maker of the FC-31 and the “birthplace” of Chinese fighter jets, a Xinhua News Agency reported.

According to reports, visitors were even allowed to touch the plane. The FC-31 on display is genuine, reported the same day KNEWS, a media outlet affiliated with the Shanghai Media Group.

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KNEWS noted that due to its exceptional craftsmanship and the use of advanced composite materials, the FC-31 has a high stealth capability and can only be detected by hostile radars when it is approximately 50 km. The same radars are able to detect a non-stealth jet over 100 km.

The FC-31 on display may not be the same aircraft used at the Zhuhai Airshow 2014. Observers noted a difference in the tail design. It’s likely a redesigned 2.0 version that made an appearance at the 2018 airshow, Global Times reported.

“The SAC Aviation Expo Park is a center for the popularization of aviation knowledge and records the history of the development of fighter jets in China,” Wang Ya’nan, editor of Aerospace Knowledge magazine, told the Global Times.

A televised capture of an FC-31 fighter, which was on display at the SAC Aviation Expo Park in China’s Liaoning Province.

Wang also added that the park previously exhibited relatively older aircraft and that the display of the FC-31, an advanced fifth-generation stealth fighter jet, could indicate that the warplane’s development has reached a milestone. and entered the next step.

Foreign media had released a photo of the full-size model of the FC-31 which had been spotted on a fake full-size aircraft carrier in early June. This would have been done to test the development of the country’s carriers.

According to Wang, since Chinese aircraft carriers will need a stealth jet, the FC-31 may be a good candidate after receiving the upgrades and modifications needed to perform missions from ships.

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China’s independently developed, independently developed, fifth-generation multirole fighter, media reports, the FC-31 may compete with fighter jets from other countries in the same class, especially the US stealth duo. – F-35 and F-22 Rapace.

Originally called J-31, the FIC-31 made its first appearance in 2012. However, the aircraft has been kept out of the spotlight for the past decade, as experts believe the military PLA Air and Navy were not particularly interested in the design and its allegedly weak engines, according to Popular mechanics.

Written by Kashish Tandon


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