Created by the United States and Spain, this aircraft can fly 3 months without landing

This would have the capacity to fuel Stay in the air for up to three months without having to land. All thanks to the mechanism Solar panels installed on both wings From the plane. It should be noted that a file Unmanned aerial vehicle.

Made by an American and Spanish company

The company responsible for the manufacture of this aircraft is A American and Spanish airline. They are tasked with creating technology that will allow the US Navy to perform Monitor work without rest About the areas where your ships are on the high seas.

have some The dimensions are approximately 72 meters And a large part of its surface is covered with these solar panels that allow it to do so It generates a very large amount of energy.

Even the company He has a plan B If there is a period when the plane has problems collecting solar energy: Use hydrogen fuel.

This plane is Another evolution of the prototype Looks like she could carry a crew and toured the world 6 years ago.

The reasons for the plane He cannot carry a crew in it It’s very easy to understand: by providing a space where these passengers will be accommodated, all This space can be used So there is a file Higher load capacity On board the plane.

In reality, It can support almost 400 kilograms of weight Concerning the camera and the radar.

An efficient aircraft has a future

It’s a big advantage The plane can stay in the air for a long time without having to land. In this way, the aircraft can continuously monitor an area for weeks without stopping and It is not necessary to interrupt your activity.

In addition, its use means Lots of savings for the United StatesBecause it will save a lot of cost as there is no need to constantly take off and land reconnaissance planes and refuel them every time they want to fly again.

The company should be Try all functions For the aircraft independently: both take-off and landing and necessary tests while the aircraft is in flight.

When these tests are completed, tests will begin that will last longer in order to determine everything to make the aircraft capable of flying. For a period of 90 days or more.

Use of renewable forms of energy In aerial vehicles, it is a great advance and it is certainly In the future All planes use this type of energy.

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