DC police search for 100 illegal ATVs – NBC4 Washington

DC police are looking for riders of ATVs and dirt bikes, which are illegal on city streets, authorities say.

The Metropolitan Police Department released more than 100 pictures of illegal ATV riders in August. The vehicles pose a threat to pedestrians and other motorists, police said in a statement.

DC residents who live in the U Street corridor, known for its vibrant nightlife, said riders of ATVs and dirt bikes can create dangerous situations.

“I was leaving to take the subway and the ATVs came up to me, very close,” said resident Emily Ogorzalek. “It was a bit unsettling.”

Ogorzalek said she had heard the ATVs over the past two weekends.

“It’s not great when I have my sister or my friends visiting. It’s not like, ‘Oh, this is a great place to be,'” she said . “It’s kind of like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry that this happens on the weekends when you’re visiting.'”

Authorities are seeking to arrest illegal ATV riders in DC after a video of four-wheelers on the National Mall goes viral. Reporting by Darcy Spencer of News4.

Another resident, named Peter, said the roar of ATVs is what bothers him the most.

“You can hear it a million miles away, can’t you?” said Peter. “You’re like what’s going on over there, either there’s a huge aircraft carrier landing on my street or it’s that ATV train going by.”

Residents can use MPDs Bonus Program 2 Call us and call 202-727-9099 to report an incident of illegal ATV or dirt bike riding. If the information leads to the confiscation of a vehicle or the identification of a passenger, the caller is eligible to receive $250.

It’s a program, Ogorzalek said, that she supports and almost used after mountain biking woke her up last weekend.

“By the time I went to text them, it was around 3 a.m. and the ATVs were gone,” she said.

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