Dedrone launches low-warranty anti-drone jammer for urban environments

Dedrone, a market leader in intelligent airspace security, has announced the launch of its next-generation portable mitigation system, DedroneDefender. Complementing Dedrone’s end-to-end counter drone solution, DedroneDefender reinvents mitigation technology by delivering a sleek, connected gun for targeted precision radio frequency (RF) jamming. Given its small, lightweight form factor and ease of use, DedroneDefender is the ideal drone mitigation solution for civilian, state and local law enforcement in urban environments.

Dedrone is a recognized leader in delivering precise and targeted mitigation technologies to market. Its DroneDefender solution, intended for military environments, has already sold more than 700 jammers to allied forces around the world. DroneDefender and DedroneDefender break communication links between pilots and unauthorized drones, making them effective against drone swarms as well as singular drones. DedroneDefender can be used in traditional handheld mode supported by phone-based application for targeting. By Q1 2023 it will also be available mounted on a pan-tilt positioner for automated targeting as directed by DedroneTracker software, resulting in a stand-alone Pan-Tilt-Jammer (PTJ) solution.

At just 7.5 pounds and only 22 inches long, DedroneDefender is one of the lightest and smallest precision jamming systems available on the market. It is equipped with narrowband jamming to minimize interference from other devices and meets military standard MIL-STD-810H. DedroneDefender’s use of narrowband or “comb” jamming reduces the risk of interference with other systems in the area such as Wi-Fi and is specifically configured for the protocols of the identified malicious drone as prescribed by the solution. DedroneTracker detection. Once communications are interrupted on a drone, it enters a pre-programmed failsafe mode to minimize risk to others and damage to the drone.

DroneDefender and DedroneDefender can operate within the broader Dedrone suite of solutions or with third-party command and control. This includes the DedroneTracker command and control platform, which continuously detects, tracks, identifies (DTI) and prioritizes drone threats through autonomous background polling of possible targets, without the need to first locate them with the naked eye from hundreds of feet away against the sky or cluttered backgrounds.

“DroneDefender is a valuable resource for extremely hostile environments, as proven by our federal and military customers,” said Aaditya Devarakonda, CEO of Dedrone. “DedroneDefender extends this security to law enforcement and is an essential tool in a layered defense approach. It is easy to implement and use for drone mitigation, especially when combined with the threat prioritization provided by DedroneTracker. Our solution library is continuously updated to ensure that DroneDefender and DedroneDefender are capable of mitigating even the newest manufactured and DIY drones.

Dedrone offers mobile drone detection solutions for every use case. This summer, the company launched DedronePortable, already used by militaries around the world thanks to its easy-to-carry and quick-to-set-up drone DTI system. Dedrone works in 37 countries, including four G-7 country governments; nine US federal agencies, including the Department of Defense; more than 75 critical infrastructure sites; more than 20 airports; and 50 correctional facilities around the world. The company actively provides drone detection services for some of the highest profile events around the world and works closely with over 35 law enforcement agencies.

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