FBO management to change at Ohio airport

Airport Management Solutions (AMS) will assume management of the singular FBO at Middletown Regional Airport in Ohio at the end of the month. The facility had been managed on an interim basis by aircraft maintenance provider Safe Skies Aviation and the City of Middletown selected AMS after going through a competitive bidding process.

According to Erick Larson, AMS Business Development Manager, the initial term is one year with multiple five-year renewals possible, and the FBO will be designated Middletown Aviation. “We like to keep the identity of FBOs within the community,” Larson said. AIN. AMS currently operates FBOs in Tupelo and Greenville, Mississippi.

The facility consists of a 500 square foot terminal, which AMS plans to expand and renovate. Larson said his company will also provide the city with guidance for a long-term solution to the FBO, which could include building a new facility. “In the meantime, we’re going to bring a level of professionalism, safety and training that didn’t exist there,” Larson said. This includes bringing Middletown staff members to existing AMS FBOs for training.

Middletown’s Avfuel-branded fuel fleet consists of 20,000 gallon jet-A and avgas tanks, as well as a self-service avgas pump. The location features a 10,000 square foot hangar with a door height of 29.5 feet. The Cincinnati-area airport’s tenants include an active flight school and a skydiving school, increasing its operations.

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