GRASS ™ Opportunity Zone fund changes name from Tiger Field to “SAMSARG Field” in Lyon County, Nevada

CARSON CITY, Nevada – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –grank Rresources, Asets, Ssecurity, & Stability (“GRASS ™”), a qualified opportunity zone fund focused on applying cutting-edge technology to complex compliance processes, is pleased to announce the official name change of the airport from Tiger Field in “SAMSARG Field” in Lyon County, Nevada. The aerodrome is named SAMSARG, Inc., which secures high-tech hangar facilities that require targeted specifications for the maintenance of transport and cargo aircraft, including security system installation, maintenance additional and complex compliance documentation.

The acquisition is in addition to GRASS ™ investments in aeronautical technology and the development of aircraft hangars. The former Tiger Field was acquired by GRASS ™ from the United States Bureau of Land Management and located three miles south of Fernley, Nevada. GRASS ™ will further develop SAMSARG Field by upgrading the existing airport, creating state-of-the-art aircraft hangars and developing one of the first drone centers in Lyon County, Nevada.

At SAMSARG, Aviation and Software go hand in hand. We have the security clearances required to install classified and government defense software on transport and cargo planes essential to our defense and the transportation of elected officials. Our management team has the aviation experience necessary to develop new high-tech mandated hangars. We are strategically located near bases and in areas of opportunity, which offer tax deferrals on capital gains taxes.

The Ministry of Defense needs better security for transport and freight planes. This requires new, specialized facilities, as well as software to prove and document compliance, to track every aircraft from the time they go offline until they return to the sky. Much of this is focused on security, which can save lives and help protect those who protect us.

Other aviation investments in the fund focus on government and private sector innovators who replicate and expand aviation activities into existing and additional areas of opportunity, including general aviation hangars (GA ).

GA Hangers is proposing new construction of forward aircraft hangars adjacent to SAMSARG military installations (Ministry of Defense compliant) in the Zone of Opportunity. New construction is designed to attract customers, businesses and the wealthy. GA Hangars is offering new construction to meet the travel needs of TRIC companies while providing a short trip between the Nevada TRIC and the Silver Springs Regional Airport (as opposed to Reno International). GA Hangars also offers bespoke service, maintenance and other high margin services.

GRASS launched its Reg A + funding round on June 15, 2021. While most areas of opportunity and other tax-deferred investments are reserved for the very rich, GRASS ™ is open to investors of all income and experience levels. .

GRASS ™ offers multiple tax advantages to investors as it is both an Opportunity Zone Qualified Fund (“QOZF”) and a Small Business Qualified Security (“QSBS”) designated by the IRS. The minimum investment is $ 1,000. GRASS ™ invests in two areas: blockchain-based SaaS for regulatory compliance, and aeronautical innovations in government and the private sector.

Investor Considerations for GRASS ™

  • Our minimum investment is $ 1,000.

  • GRASS ™ is a high-growth, diversified opportunity zone fund focused on aviation and compliance-SaaS.

  • A Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) *: each investor who holds the fund for 5 years + 1 day can receive 10 times its base price + its initial investment FREE OF TAX each year in the future, up to a maximum of 10 million dollars in tax-free earnings through IRC 1202.

  • Qualifying as an opportunity zone fund allows for the transfer, deferral or elimination of capital gains taxes.

For more information on GRASS ™, including how to invest, please visit

Securities are offered in accordance with Regulation A + by C2M Securities, LLC, a broker-member of FINRA registered with the SEC. Investors are encouraged to read the offering circular and the exhibits and to consult their tax, legal or financial professional before investing.

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