Hartzell Propeller Obtains Propeller STC for DA-40 Diesel Engine Aircraft

Owners of diesel-powered Diamond DA40 NG single-seaters have a new option when it comes to a propeller/engine combination, as Hartzell Propeller has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the FAA to replace the wooden propeller /composite Diamond DA40 NG MT standard by the new, more efficient three-blade lightweight Polaris composite propeller.

The Polaris is a 74 inch diameter three-blade ASCII carbon fiber prop for the Austro Engine E4-A. [Courtesy: Hartzell Propeller]

The Polaris is a 74 inch diameter three-blade ASCII carbon fiber prop for the Austro Engine E4-A. It features a lightweight Bantam aluminum hub and a 2,400 hour/six year TBO, with Hartzell’s warranty through first overhaul.

The STC is limited to DA40 NG fitted with the MÄM 40-434, the bonnet redesign, or the OÄM 40-310 with the exhaust system with silencer.

“Hartzell’s Top Prop Performance Conversion Kit includes the propeller, a white or metallic silver composite spinner and STC documentation,” said Hartzell Propeller President JJ ​​Frigge. “It offers lightweight, smooth and state-of-the-art improved climb performance, two to three ktas faster cruise and is more durable with an environmentally friendly noise level of 74.1 dB(a) .”

“The Hartzell 3-blade STC carbon fiber composite propeller on the Diamond DA40 NG is a custom designed airfoil using our Bantam retention system, which is our lightest hub series,” he said. declared.

Finding the best combination of propeller and aircraft engine is a precise art, says Frigge,

“That’s why we opted for this extremely light but durable Polaris propeller which improves the performance of the DA40 NG.”

Hartzell already has an STC for a two-blade carbon fiber composite propeller on the DA40 with the Lycoming engine, which is the preferred option for many Diamond customers. This accessory is installed directly on the production line by Diamond via the Hartzell STC.

Frigge adds that Hartzell has indeed installed propellers on other diesel applications, including the Cessna 172 with the Continental diesel engine, and has several other propellers in development with diesel engine manufacturers and airframes using the technology. diesel.

The STC kit for the Advanced Blended Airfoil Design Prop sells for $24,613.

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