Intense video of the takeoff of the first aircraft carrier of a US Navy pilot

  • Have you ever wondered what an aircraft carrier catapult shot looks like from the cockpit of a T-45 Goshawk?
  • This is the heads-up display strip of former Navy Airman Rob Roy’s first catapult from an aircraft carrier.

Rob Roy is a former Navy aviator who flew the C-2A Greyhound with the “Rawhides” of the VRC-40.

In the past, we’ve posted several interesting clips that Rob has filmed (and posted to Youtube) during his career aboard COD (Carrier Onboard Delivery) planes, some of which cool split screen videos (one of those who show him don’t even blink approaching the carrier and another that included a bolter and a waveoff).

The footage for this article was filmed earlier, in 2013, as he graduated as an Aircraft Carrier (CQ) in the T-45 Goshawk, a tandem-seat jet trainer capable of transporting which the mission is to train the pilots of the Navy and the Marine Corps. since 1991.

“The first time I set foot on an aircraft carrier was when I landed on it, ha! were all SNA (student navy aviators). After my first two touch n ‘go on the boat, they made me set my tail hook for my first trap (out of 10 traps required to pass QC), “Rob told us in a message.

Navy T-45 Goshawk catapult firing HUD video

View of Navy aviator Rob Roy during initial qualification of the aircraft carrier aboard a T-45 Goshawk in 2013

Rob Roy / YouTube

“So this video starts IMMEDIATELY after my first trap. I landed and immediately rolled over to the catapult.”

“At the start of the video you can see the JBD (blast jet deflector) and once it goes down it’s my turn to follow the director and roll forward. Some of the hand signals it gives me tell me to lower my launch bar so that it can attach to the catapult. After that you can’t see the sides of the video, but there are several other security checks taking place my multiple people (the shooter, the catapult operators, etc.) to make sure I’m ready to go, ”said Rob.

“And you can tell it’s almost time to go when my breathing quickens and I go to full blast, wipe down the controls, and then I’m basically sitting on a loaded pistol once the catapult is ‘in tension’. . From there the shooter gives the signal to launch and there’s another person doing a final check and pushing a button. They’re next to the catapults and away from any action. “

At 2:56, the cat’s launch brings the T-45 into the air and Rob yells “Wow”! Pretty intense, isn’t it?

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