Kenya has auctioned 73 abandoned planes. A Boeing 707 for $ 2,500?

The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) has launched an auction to sell 73 abandoned planes that have been scrapped at various Kenyan airports, according to ch-aviation. The plane that has likely already been around the world was available before the auction began, with some selling for as little as $ 58. The auction dates and local times were:

  • Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta: 10:00 am – November 17
  • Nairobi Wilson: 2:30 p.m. – November 17
  • Mombasa: 10:00 am – November 19
  • Lokichoggio: 10:00 am – November 22

According to Simple theft, KAA contacted the owners of the planes in August and told them they would auction them off if no action was taken to get them back. Most of these planes have some pretty interesting stories of how they ended up at the airport in Kenya.

If you want to see the full list of planes with their prices, you can visit ch-aviation. Prices range from $ 58 to $ 56,000, although most stick to the $ 100 range. In the meantime, here are some airplane stories.

A 54-year-old Boeing 707-300

Perhaps one of the most notable planes for sale is a Boeing 707 for $ 2,500. This 54-year-old quadjet registered as J5-GGU and operated by Safari Airlines was exposed to significant damage when it landed in Mombasa in 2009. Its landing gear was all but destroyed during the landing – luckily no one did. was injured. The aircraft’s landing gear touched the landing lights, causing its right main gear to collapse.

Then there’s the 737-200 registered EY-534 to Jubba Airways which sells for $ 3,655.10. The aircraft operated for 35 years until it was discontinued at Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO) in Nairobi in 2012. The aircraft was also previously with Kam Air in Afghanistan in 2007 and with East Air in Tajikistan in 2008.

FR: Wording from a previous version of this article suggested that the auction was to take place at a future date. According to the schedule, the auctions have already taken place. While there are few follow-up stories about the fate of the planes being auctioned – because the auction likely took place in person, without posting any ads online.

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