Laurie Garrow Featured as Moderator at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Aerospace Summit in 2022

Garrow led a discussion on how technology improves the airline passenger experience.

Professor Laurie Garrow was recently featured as a speaker at the United States Chamber of Commerce Global Aerospace Summit. Garrow, whose expertise is in aviation, travel behavior analysis and forecasting, moderated the panel Meet the needs of modernity Customer. Panelists were Matt Davis, Chief Commercial Officer, FlightAware; Clotilde Enel-Réhel, Executive Director of Programs, Connected Aviation Solutions, Collins Aerospace; and Stacey Wronkowski, vice president of digital technology, United Airlines.

During the 30-minute roundtable, Garrow led the discussion on examining new ways that data and technology are helping to create more connected, efficient and sustainable travel for modern airline passengers. Panelists were able to highlight how their companies track information throughout the passenger journey, highlighting how they are embracing sophisticated data collection and analysis to make real-time operational decisions and improve experience of customers around the world.

United Airlines has shed light on its ConnectionSaver tool, which sends travelers messages with directions to the gate for their connecting flight, information on the expected travel time between the two gates, and will even maintain the flight for a few minutes.

Garrow also asked how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are being used to improve technologies and make flying smoother and more enjoyable for passengers. Among the many initiatives mentioned, Collins Aerospace’s Enel-Réhel spoke of the company’s ongoing efforts to develop and improve the technology used for predictive aircraft maintenance monitoring to prevent unforeseen maintenance issues.

Closing out the discussion, Garrow asked panelists what’s next and how they see technology playing a role. Each panelist responded by emphasizing the importance of data collection, AI, and machine learning.

Garrow expressed her gratitude for being invited to the panel saying, “It’s important as a woman [in] engineering to be presented at conferences like these. She noted that there is an under-representation of women in aviation and highlighted ongoing efforts to change this.

Garrow is the first woman and the first academic to serve as President of the 60-year history of the Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies. In her role as co-director of the Center for Urban and Regional Air Mobility, she conducted research on advanced air mobility focused on understanding the demand for these new modes of transportation.

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