Media report claiming group of UK carriers considers PLA submarines “not to be credible”

A new type of conventional submarine from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) navy participates in a naval parade held to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PLA navy off Qingdao, in East China’s Shandong Province, April 23, 2019. Photo: Xinhua

A British media report recently claimed that a British aircraft carrier attack group that sailed in the South China Sea in late July spotted Chinese nuclear-powered submarines that followed it during its flight. trip, but Chinese military experts said on Monday the report was not credible and aims to show the group’s presence and brag about its anti-submarine capability.

The report, published Monday by the Daily Express, did not give a source for the information. He claimed that two Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy Type 093 nuclear-powered attack submarines had been located by anti-submarine sonar operators aboard the frigates. HMS Kent and HMS Richmond, who served as the carrier group’s escort for the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, as the group left the South China Sea and headed for the Pacific Ocean.

He further claimed that a British Astute-class submarine identified a third Type 093 submarine while patrolling past the carrier group.

The reason UK operators were able to identify the type of submarine is that the sounds generated by the propellers are unique to each submarine, the Daily Express said.

“It shows that our anti-submarine capabilities, which declined dramatically during Iraq and Afghanistan, are up to date again and doing what they’re supposed to do. This is good news, ”said the report, citing former British Rear Admiral Chris Parry.

However, several Chinese military experts contacted by the Global Times on Monday questioned the authenticity of the report, saying that by releasing such a report, the UK is showing its presence.

Many British warships have not reached full operational capability and their anti-submarine capability is limited, said Song Zhongping, military expert and TV commentator.

This is why the report tries to brag about the UK’s anti-submarine capability, denigrating Chinese submarines, Song said.

In an ambush or interception, a submarine does not need to be near a hostile warship to launch a long-range strike, another Chinese military expert told the Global Times , on condition of anonymity.

From so far away it is very difficult to spot the submarine, the expert said.

As a necessary defensive measure, it is possible that the PLA used the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier attack group as an imaginary target for training, a submarine expert who has told The Global Times asked not to be identified.

It is also possible that the Chinese submarines voluntarily revealed themselves after completing their missions, sending a warning to the British carrier strike group, experts said.

The British aircraft carrier strike group has come a long way to the Far East to work its muscles, stir up trouble and disrupt peace and stability in the region, they said.

Now the UK media is inventing this baseless lie to portray the UK as a victim, experts said, noting that it is a method often used by Western forces to confuse black and white , using “facts” invented to attack China and creating “Chinese threat” theories.

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