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  • Appointments and promotions:

John H. Mott, associate professor of aviation and transportation technology, has been appointed director of the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology at Purdue University, where he has been a faculty member since 2006. In addition to this new position and his current role as Professor, Mott is Director of the Advanced Aviation Analytics Center of Research Excellence and was the founding editor of the Journal of Aviation Technology & Engineering. He has worked as a flight instructor, charter pilot, chief pilot, director of training for a FAR 135 operator, airline pilot flying the SA-226TC Metroliner, and corporate pilot in many different aircraft models. More information is available online.

Mesut Akdere, professor of human resource development and acting associate dean for research at Purdue Polytechnic Institute, has been appointed co-editor of the Human Resource Development Quarterly for a three-year term beginning January 1. Human Resource Development Quarterly is an official publication of the Academy of Human Resource Development. It is the first peer-reviewed journal to focus directly on the evolving field of human resource development and provide a central focus on HRD issues as well as on how to disseminate such research.

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  • Distinctions of professors and staff:

James A. McCann, professor of political science and Latin American studies at the College of Liberal Arts, received the award for best book for his book “Holding Fast: Resilience and Civic Engagement Among Latino Immigrants”, co-authored with Michael Jones-Correa. Published in October 2020 by the Russell Sage Foundation, “Holding Fast” examines the response of immigrants to the 2016 election. The Best Book Award is an annual award given by the Latin Caucus of the American Political Science Association for an outstanding book that examines the political thought and practice of Latinos in the United States. The award includes a $ 500 cash prize and is presented at the APSA Annual Meeting.


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