Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and her strike group arrive in Guam after venturing into the South China Sea – without sailing near the Chinese islands, Beijing says

The crew aboard the aircraft carrier posted on social media a video of the 65,000-ton warship arriving in Guam this morning.

Its arrival on island territory of the United States comes just two weeks after the flagship and its strike group entered the disputed South China Sea.

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But the Beijing Foreign Ministry claimed the strike group did not enter within 12 nautical miles of its islands in the region, according to the South China Morning Post.

In a statement to the release, the ministry added, “China hopes navy ships of other nations will comply with international law as they cross the South China Sea, respect the rights and sovereignty of coastal nations. and avoid actions that harm regional peace “.

Speaking as the strike group approached the waters of the contest, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab told the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee that it was “absolutely right” to exercise and to defend the free passage of “the Ukrainian territorial sea to the South China Sea”.

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HMS Queen Elizabeth pictured with her embarked squadron of British and American F-35 jets Photo: Royal Navy.

HMS Queen Elizabeth crossed the Strait of Malacca between Indonesia and Malaysia early last week with the Malaysian frigate KD Lekiu as escort before joining ships from Singapore.

Commodore Steve Moorhouse, Commander of the UK Carrier Strike Group, said: “The Royal Navy has great affection for Singapore because of our shared history, but Singapore is also a corporate flagship in a growing region. in addition to strategic importance.

“The arrival of the Carrier Strike Group in South East Asia is a clear sign that the UK is ready to work with friends and partners, new and old, to strengthen the security and freedoms on which we mutually depend.

“We are grateful to Singapore for supporting an important logistics stop for RFA Tidespring as the Carrier Strike Group continues our program at sea.”

HMS Richmond also conducted training with a Thai frigate and its S-76B helicopter.

Cdr Hugh Botterill, Commanding Officer of HMS Richmond, said: “HMS Richmond’s interaction with Thailand is an important part of the deployment of Carrier Strike Group 21, demonstrating the UK’s commitment to Association cooperation. of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) ”.

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