Russian invasion forces may have destroyed the world’s largest plane

Russian troops invading Ukraine reportedly destroyed the world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov AN-225.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, the largest aircraft in the world, nicknamed “Mrya,” Where “dream” in Ukrainian, was unfortunately destroyed while being repaired in a hangar at Hostomel airport, located northwest of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Russian invading forces reportedly attacked the area and destroyed the hangar with the Antonov AN-225.

The plane has six engines, has a wingspan of 289 feet and was originally built by Soviet space shuttle carriers. The aircraft has been in service since 1988 and also holds the record for the largest and heaviest aircraft ever built, but in addition it also holds the record for the heaviest payload at 418,830 pounds and the load heaviest payload ever lifted at 559,580 lbs. The Antonov company took to Twitter to announce that they could not check the status of the plane until it was “inspected by experts“.


However, the Ukroboronprom, which manages the Antonov company, confirmed that the AN-225 was destroyed Sunday February 27.

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