Shalimar Gilbert launches a project to build a solar-powered plane to fly around the world

Solar Ray Project founder Shalimar Gilbert is set to design and begin construction of a solar-powered aircraft in 2022

Following the launch of the GoFundMe funding and sponsorship campaign for the development of solar-powered flights later this year, Shalimar Gilbert will announce its intention to choose Greensboro, North Carolina, as the location for the development of the aforementioned project this year, in 2022. The aircraft will be built in sub-assemblies by other companies and assembled in Greensboro, North Carolina, using the latest technologies and raw materials available.

The Solar Ray project aims to develop technologically advanced aircraft that will advance science, aeronautical technology and engineering. Documenting each step and publishing for the world to follow, the output of which can be used to educate young people. Additionally, as noted by Shalimar Gilbert, “The Solar Ray Project can inspire individuals to dream again, break world records, and push aviation technology to the next frontier. It will bring innovation, creativity and change to the American spirit of the United States »

Investments in renewable energy like solar power are at the heart of an inclusive energy transition that helps achieve global climate and socio-economic dreams. Because they don’t pollute or cause greenhouse gas emissions, they also reduce dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.

For more information on the Solar Ray project, visit Shalimar’s Facebook, TwitterYouTube or Instagram.

About the Solar Ray Project

The Solar Ray project is the brainchild of an engineering student, Shalimar Gilbert. Shalimar Gilbert was born and raised in Southwest Virginia. Building an airplane has been a childhood dream of Shalimar ever since his late grandfather took him to see some WWII bombers at the local airport, which fueled the idea of ​​flying around the world. Today begins his journey to fulfill his dreams as he prepares to produce solar-powered aircraft in the United States

Media Contact
Company Name: Solar Ray Project (Gilbert Williams, Inc)
Contact: Shalimar Gilbert
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 336-906-1797
The country: United States
Website: https://gofundme/1c5661d6

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