Sherwin-Williams Allows Customers to Try Colors

After three years without exhibiting at NBAA-BACE due to the Covid pandemic, paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings (Stand 3169) is back. “We are delighted to be in contact with our main customers,” said Julie Voisin, head of global marketing.

In addition to showing attendees how they can play with color combinations on the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer, the company is showcasing its JetPen Touchup paint pen at its booth.

While future paint job customers can test out any of the 333 Sherwin-Williams colors on the viewer (also available online), some trends go beyond the normal ebb and flow of color choices, Voisin said. AIN, including semi-gloss or matte finishes in gray and black. A recent example is the matt gray Falcon 900 (look at the picture), painted by West Star Aviation, with vibrant mango orange accents and stripes.

“[The trend] is all over the place,” Voisin said. “It splits in two. Many people love the regal look of white with decorative stripes. The other 50% gets a bit more colorful, and we see more effect finishes like metallics and micas, a lot more shades of gray instead of white overall. »

Some of the more unique paint jobs, she added, include camouflage patterns and airplane body colors in flashy tones such as bright green. “Some people try not to be noticed and some [saying]”Hey, if I’m going to have a business jet or a general aviation aircraft, I want to be recognized and noticed and take risks with color and design.”

There is nothing new in the paint world when it comes to maintenance, except that there are maintenance considerations for semi-gloss and matte finishes. Gloss paint is easier to touch up and match with careful polishing. But semi-gloss and matte paints require extra work for scratch repairs because touch-ups will be more visible and a damaged area may need to be repainted, according to Voisin.

That’s not to say semi-gloss and flat paints aren’t durable. “We’ve been doing semi-gloss and matte with the military for years,” she said, “although the appearance standards for military versus business jets are very different.” Either way, longevity with these types of paint is not a concern.

Maintaining a paint job in pristine condition isn’t difficult, according to Voisin. “Our number one tip for keeping it looking good is not to put too much product on it. Waxes can end up damaging the coating further over time. The recommended treatment is simply to wash with Dawn dish soap and water. “The paint is designed to withstand the conditions it is subjected to,” she said.

Touching up paint is easy with the JetPen, which is available in all Sherwin-Williams colors. (Photo: Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings)

Regardless of paint type, potential customers can try out the Sherwin-Williams color palette on six different cell types in the viewer, including a helicopter. There are two preloaded templates to start with, provided by painting design house Project designers (Stand 1360).

“The point is that you can play around with color and see what combinations you like,” Voisin said. Users can not only select body and accent colors, but also rotate the model plane to view the paint scheme from any direction.

“Then you can take it to your designer for your specific model and taste,” she said. The chosen design can also be shared on social networks. “It’s a fun way to experience color and get your first thoughts with our palette,” Neighbor added.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the design community,” said Sherwin-Williams spokesman Chris Lynch. “We’re not cutting their jobs, and it gives the designer a much closer head and saves time and money.”

The JetPen is not just a small container of paint, but a multi-component touch-up tool. The paint and hardener capsule are separated, and when it’s time for a touch-up, bending the pen breaks the hardener capsule so it can mix with the paint. The pen holds 10cc of paint and includes a chisel tip and a brush tip. The paints are available in pen form as Jet Glo Express Primers and Topcoats and JetFlex Booth Coatings. NBAA-BACE visitors can try out the JetPen at the Sherwin-Williams booth.

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