SOEs as ‘aircraft carrier’ for Indonesian economy: minister

…we are committed to working with all parties, not being elitist.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Minister of State Enterprises (SOE), Erick Thohir, has likened state enterprises to a large aircraft carrier that unites all parties to achieve economic balance.

“State-owned enterprises account for a third of Indonesia’s economic strength. However, they cannot become an ivory tower that is attractive, but difficult to hold. So, currently, they are becoming a huge aircraft carrier that accommodates all parties to build economic balance,” he said. .

Speaking at the launch of Kopi Nusantara Project Management Office (PMO) in Bandar Lampung City, Lampung Province on Sunday, he continued that state-owned enterprises support business growth for all parties.

However, the companies must also ensure the well-being of the Indonesian people because they are public companies and have their own social responsibility, Thohir said.

Therefore, companies are striving to build various people-centric ecosystems, such as the existing prosperity program that provides an ecosystem that connects farmers with project managers, insurers, financial institutions, agricultural technology providers, buyers and local governments.

The ministry wants farmers to become more prosperous through the program.

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“I assure you that public companies have changed since we committed to working with all parties,” said the minister.

Earlier, he said state-owned enterprises are striving to become a locomotive in building national economic resilience and should not compete with the private sector.

He noted that it is impossible for one party to stand alone amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, all must work together because the pandemic is suppressing not only the health sector but also the economic sector.

Thus, he said the pandemic must be a stimulus for Indonesia. The nation has experienced several crises and has always been able to recover afterwards.

On the same occasion, Thohir also shipped the first Lampung coffee exports in 2022 by symbolically locking the coffee container key.

Meanwhile, the PMO Kopi Nusantara is a pilot project of building the coffee ecosystem from upstream to downstream sectors.

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