These are the 10 best presidential planes in the world

The presidential plane is undoubtedly the safest plane on the planet. They are true flying fortresses that can survive many types of destruction attempts. They are equipped with the latest technologies available and have impressive features that we never see in conventional aircraft. Of course, this type of aircraft has a crazy cost, both for production, operation and maintenance. But it makes sense that governments and military around the world are deploying such an advanced and well-protected mode of air transport for their most important leaders.

Some of the most important people in the world, like the President of the United States, are highly protected every second of the day. So it makes sense that their countries want to make sure they are safe as they travel thousands of miles above the sky, right? However, aerospace companies have gone further as they have added many more amazing features to their presidential aircraft. Just as a little teaser, there’s a presidential plane that gives its passengers the ability to control ballistic missiles from submarines. How cool is that?

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ten Airbus A310-300 (Canada)

We start our interesting list with a massive aircraft that was developed by Airbus. The aircraft flies using a propulsion system that includes a twin engine. When used for commercial flights, the vehicle has enough space to carry up to 220 passengers.

However, when it comes to government use, a whole fleet of A-310-300s with many special modifications fly the Canadian Prime Minister. The passenger space has been transformed into different rooms serving various purposes.

9 Royal Air Force Airbus A330MRTT (UK and Northern Ireland)

The Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom has chosen the Airbus A330MRTT for the air transport of the most important leaders of the country. However, it should be mentioned that Great Britain and Northern Ireland are not the only operators of this masterpiece: there are a dozen nations that have or will have this aircraft in their fleet.

The 380 seats available for passengers have been converted into nearly 60 types of premium seats for very important people (VIPs) in the countries that operate them. The military version is beautiful too!

8 Airbus A330-200 (France)

With the exception of the high-performance and high-tech Rafales, the French Air Force also operates durable and strong presidential aircraft. The A330-220 is another plane from Airbus that does a very serious job: transporting VIPs in the safest way possible.

France also operates other presidential aircraft, such as the A310-300 and A-340-200, but the A330-200 is by far the most advanced in its fleet. It has been flying successfully for over two decades now!

seven Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777-300ER (Japan)

The Boeing 777-300ER is the new presidential aircraft of the Japanese government, and more precisely of the Japanese Prime Minister. In service, they replaced the older Boeing 747-400s, which served them effectively for many years.

We don’t need to say much about the Boeing 777, as it is one of the most famous aircraft in existence. Its main body is highly configurable, a feature that facilitated all the modifications it underwent to function as a presidential aircraft.

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6 Boeing 747-400 (China)

China is a superpower, so you might be surprised that we don’t know of any dedicated presidential aircraft. Air transport vehicles publicly known for their most important people include a fleet of Boeing 747-400s. This plane is very reliable and spacious.

China may be developing or even producing its presidential jet right now. It is even possible that the Chinese Air Force has already adopted a new presidential aircraft, which has not yet been revealed.

5 Airbus A340-300 airliner (Germany)

One of the most powerful countries in Europe, Germany, chose the A-340-300 Airliner as its main presidential aircraft. These aircraft, as well as the Airbus 320 model, received countless upgrades. Many aircraft have been modified to meet the requirements of VIP air travel in Germany.

A typical A340-300 jetliner can carry between 200 and 300 passengers, which means it has enough space for a typical presidential jet. In general, it is a reliable and efficient platform.

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4 Airbus A330-243 Prestige (Kazakhstan)

Kazakhstan, along with other countries, operates a fleet of A330-243 aircraft. These planes are beautiful, especially with the flags of their countries painted on them. The model comes with two engines and lots of advanced design features and features that make it a great modern means of transportation.

It should be noted that the A-330-243 is often used to transport important members of the G20 group of countries on international trips. This fact alone is important enough to favor the reliability of the aircraft.

3 Ilyushin IL-96-300PU and Tupolev TU-214 (Russia)

The Soviet Union and the Russian Federation went through a bunch of different presidential planes. Moscow and Washington are the main operators of the most advanced presidential aircraft ever created.

Both of these models were designed and developed in Russia. The Russian company Ilyushin is mainly known for the production of military cargo planes, while Tupolev is a Russian aerospace giant, responsible for many Russian military aircraft.

2 Boeing E-4B (USA)

You haven’t read anything about US presidential planes because we’ve arguably saved the best part of this list for last. The famous Boeing E-4B, widely known as the Doomsday aircraft, is an aerial platform that can survive many types of destruction attempts.

Boeing wasn’t kidding: it put extra protection systems on the plane and gave it the ability to fly for over 600 hours on a full tank of fuel. There are a host of other systems that make it a real air traffic control center for the most important American leaders.

1 1.Boeing VC25

The presidential plane itself. Boeing VC-25 is responsible for transporting America’s most protected person, the President. For this reason, the characteristics of the aircraft remained in obscurity for years.

All we know is that it is more durable than the Doomsday Plane and the US President can perform various tasks while flying on it. Its design meets the craziest requirements of the US Air Force One.

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