These mind-blowing superyacht concepts push the boundaries of what’s possible

From a rocket-like ship that combines extreme off-road adventures with scientific research and luxury, to a warship converted into a millionaire’s fantasy yacht and a sci-fi ship with an impossible shape, these three concepts are anything but boring.The giant star-shaped superyacht with a radical design
This alien ship that bears no resemblance to the kind of yachts we’re used to seeing was born out of a challenge – Alex Malybaev, of the FIRMA brand agency, sketched out an unusually shaped superyacht, and Igor Lobanov, from Lobanov Design, set out to prove that it can be done. The concept was unveiled by Lobanov Design and BMT Nigel Gee in 2014. The idea was to show that modern architecture, automotive design and even product design can influence yacht design, but it had to be less subtle.

The first thing that stands out about this yacht is its majestic silhouette: not only is it 436 feet (133 meters) long, but also incredibly tall, standing 197 feet (60 meters) above the waterline. Then the striking shape is the result of a symmetrical front and rear shell and a pointed tip. Eight decks would extend over 11,482 square feet (3,500 square meters) of space.

You can imagine the breathtaking view from the top of the star, where a special stargazing platform would be installed. But, even more impressive, there would also be an underwater viewing platform. With four elevators needed to connect the decks, guests on board would need time to get to know every nook and cranny of this vast spaceship on the water.

This futuristic superyacht was also designed to be agile, with a top speed of 18 knots (20 mph from 33 km / h) and an azipod diesel-electric propulsion system (gearless and steerable). With a “dynamic positioning system”, this would allow Star to turn lengthwise, following the sun.The spaceship-inspired explorer for modern adventures
Esquel is both a luxurious superyacht with exquisite taste, a daring explorer ready for extreme adventures and a science laboratory at sea. Oh, and it’s better for the environment too, with a diesel-electric propulsion system and a balanced mix of 80% proven technologies with 20% emerging technologies, in terms of construction, for a sustainable approach. It is the result of a collaboration between the famous luxury shipbuilder Oceanco and the award-winning designer Timur Bozca.

Bozca wanted to recreate the look of a rocket with a masculine and military silhouette. Few other superyachts are truly adequate for the wildest adventures. Not only was it intended to reach the most remote areas, with its sturdy and self-sufficient construction, but Esquel is capable of carrying all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles, in addition to a helicopter, two submarines and annexes. and standard water toys. .

This yacht was designed in collaboration with exploration expert Pelorus, which is why all-terrain vehicles and a generous annex garage (230 square meters / 2,475 square feet) were so important.

In addition to the military appearance, the artistic “globe-trotting” interior and the wide range of water and land adventure vehicles, this superyacht concept also has a scientific side. Its versatile layout can include research labs, or even a coral reef farm on board, to help coral reefs in danger of extinction.

Unveiled at the Dubai International Boat Show in 2019, this 345ft (105m) proves that the latest sustainable technology can blend seamlessly with off-road adventures and scientific exploration.The aircraft carrier transformed into an outrageous luxury yacht
This exceptional concept was born from two ideas – on the one hand, a Dutch visual production company came up with a whimsical design similar to a Swiss army knife, with interchangeable decks and, on the other hand, a German entrepreneur wanted to save a ship from famous war in risk of being dismantled, and transforming into an ultra-luxurious pleasure vessel. These two ideas resulted in a one-of-a-kind ship that would grow from a military past (and be built) to high-end equipment for millionaires.

Called Noah Twins Carrier, the concept created by Mitsi Studio would include interchangeable bridges for the most daring fantasies: one bridge would be converted into a golf course, and another would serve as a landing strip for a helicopter and air taxis. In addition, the golf course could be transformed into a ski slope with artificial snow, for “winter fun” at sea, during exotic trips.

Udo Stern, who is part of a program called the Düsseldorf Initiative, is said to have tried to secure investors for the Noah Twins project, which would be implemented on a retired French Navy aircraft carrier. The 165.5-meter (543-foot) Foch, a Clemenceau-class warship, certainly has enough room for Mitsi Studio’s blazing vision but is harder to obtain than you might think. Over the years, it was bought by Brazil, then decommissioned, then bought by a Turkish company.

Last I heard, Stern had yet to successfully purchase the ship, so it’s unclear whether the magnificent Noah Twin concept will eventually come to life or not. Either way, an old aircraft carrier with a huge golf course / ski slope and airstrip for eVTOLs would be worth experiencing.

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