Ukraine gets Russian air warfare module, a win for US intelligence over DRFMs

Ukraine has secured key Russian military equipment used for its planes, with the country’s most advanced aerial warfare pod helping its air defense system to block potential trackers and redirect its signal. This Russian technology is remarkable, now in the hands of Ukraine’s Western allies, including US intelligence.

Ukraine got a Russian air warfare module

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Interesting Engineering reported that Ukraine has obtained an element of Russian military technology, which is beneficial for its advancement in the current conflict it is going through. The Russian aircraft and the intact pod were discovered in the Kharkiv Oblast region, an area known to be occupied by the Russians in this ongoing war.

A crashed Russian Su-30SM fighter jet held the technology, but the pod was left undamaged, which the Ukrainians got as a whole, with the potential to be picked up for further study.

According to The Drive, the Su-30SM aircraft contained the “Regata” modules on its wing, consisting of the RTU 518-PSM on the right wing and the RTU 518-LSM1 on the left. The two make up the fighter jet’s weapons system which also features DRFM (Digital Radio Frequency Memory) technology.

This technology can effectively block and deceive enemy aircraft to other places and not see them coming.

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Why is this a US intelligence victory?

Reports claim this is a victory for US intelligence as they could be taken apart and study what constitutes this technology, which would give Ukraine and its allies an advantage in this conflict. Moreover, it is another addition to the Russian technology already known to the United States, which they are keeping an eye on for its future use.

Russia and Ukraine

At the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Russia showed significant power against the Eastern European country, which seized it in the first place. Due to Ukraine’s lack of technology, it suffered from Russia’s highly advanced systems, which were applied against the country and felt by its citizens.

Due to these actions by Russia, many tech companies have restricted or removed their technology from the country to avoid expanding their operations against Ukraine. It’s an effective way to cripple Russia’s highly technological war advantages, with reports claiming the company sources parts from foreign suppliers.

This led the Russians to search for remnants of household appliances and other home technology, which have the parts that would help meet its needs, preventing access to them.

The war between Ukraine and Russia is an example of modern warfare in the world, and it shows how much it depends on technology that helps one side gain power over the other, as the current conflict shows. The discovery of Ukraine is a significant advance for its intelligence as well as for allied forces like the United States, a victory for the country.

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