Unmanned Aircraft Systems Diploma offered at Rogers State

CLAREMORE, Okla. – Rogers State University is offering a new degree program, involving unmanned aircraft or drones. The Head of the Department of Technological and Legal Studies at RSU says that with this degree, students have a wide variety of jobs to choose from. The degree is a bachelor’s degree in unmanned aerial systems technology and takes approximately four years.

Based on the degree, RSU is now part of the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS CTI program.

“What that basically means is that Rogers State University is an educational center where we can provide the training necessary for safe drone flight,” says Curt Sparling.

Sparling says the degree is taught in phases. The first is to learn how to fly a drone. Students will obtain their FAA Part 107 license, which is comparable to a driver’s license.

“Then we quickly got into designing, building and flying our own custom drones and that goes through 3D modeling, printing and basic electrical engineering.”

From there, students then learn about data collection and data interpretation from the information collected by the drone. Sparling says that with the increasing use of drones, job opportunities for students are increasing. Opportunities that don’t just involve drone videography.

“We now have drones with infrared capabilities,” says Sparling. “Not only can they see hotspots without entering the building, but the drone can also see if a person is inside the building.

Drones can also be used to survey land and perform line inspections. He says students can collect data with a drone that would typically take a few days on the ground, just a few hours in the air.

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