US fighter jets take off from foreign carrier for first time since WWII

U.S. F-35B fighter jets flew combat missions over the Middle East, hitting ISIS targets in the region earlier this week after taking off from a British aircraft carrier, marking the first time the U.S. military has done this since the Allies teamed up in World War II. The stealth jets of 617 Squadron RAF (The Dambusters) within the United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group 21 conduct missions alongside United States Marine Corps fighter jets in Operation Shaders and the U.S. Operation Inherent Resolve – focused on targeting ISIS targets and strongholds across the Middle East.The international duo are expected to visit at least 40 countries aboard the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth – the largest ship in the Royal Navy (65,000 tonnes) of its fleet, embarking on its first operational deployment – during its seven-month mission, passing through the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and the waters of the Pacific Ocean surrounding Japan and South Korea. On board, there are 18 British and American F35B jets, which are the largest number ever deployed on a single ship, nonetheless as part of an international force, according to a statement from the British Ministry of Defense. “These are next-generation multipurpose fighter jets equipped with advanced sensors, mission systems and stealth technology,” the ministry said. Planes can land from an upright position, allowing them to operate from smaller aircraft carriers. “The ability to operate from the sea with the most advanced fighter jets ever created is an important moment in our history,” said UK Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace. . “The Carrier Strike Group is … an international show of military force that will deter anyone seeking to undermine global security.” in 1943, stationed aboard HMS Victorious in the fire of World War II. It is also the first time that the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force have carried out a maritime strike operation since participating in a NATO-led campaign in Libya during its civil war. a decade ago.

“The first missions of HMS Queen Elizabeth against Daesh (ISIS) will be remembered as an important moment in the 50-year life of this ship,” said Commodore Steve Moorehouse, Commander of the British Carrier Strike Group. “It also marks a new phase in our current deployment.” To date, we have exerted diplomatic influence on behalf of the UK through a series of exercises and engagements with our partners. air power against a common enemy. “The involvement of HMS Queen Elizabeth and her Air Wing in this campaign also sends a wider message,” Moorhouse concluded. “This demonstrates the speed and agility with which a UK-led carrier strike group can inject fifth generation combat power into any operation, anywhere in the world, thus providing the British government and our allies a real military and political choice. “

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