Venus Aerospace just released its Mach 9 spaceplane concept

BENTONVILLE Ark., – At UP.Summit in Bentonville, Arkansas, Venus Aerospace, a startup creating hypersonic aircraft, unveiled the “Stargazer,” the company’s first conceptual hypersonic vehicle concept, reports Christopher McFadden for Interesting engineering. Continue reading the original article.

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June 13, 2022 – McFadden writes that “Stargazer” is a proposed Mach 9 hypersonic drone and a Mach 9 spaceplane, both of which are allegedly capable of one-hour global travel. The hypersonic plane will take off from a regular airport and then fly off to the edge of space.

Venus says if its concept comes to fruition, it will carry up to 12 passengers and take off from a traditional airport before climbing to the edge of space – 170,000ft – before bringing passengers to their destination in about an hour. flight.

The technology behind the proposed space plane has yet to be released. The company hasn’t even revealed what type of fuel the spaceplane intends to use, although Venus says it won’t be carbon impactful and they are working to minimize the noise the hypersonic craft may have when flying high overhead.

“We worked with NASA at the Johnson Space Center and were able to access information from the Space Shuttle program’s sonic boom tests,” said Dr Andrew Duggleby. Duggleby, along with Sarah Duggleby, founded the company. “We have determined that at altitude and flying speed, you will not be able to hear us – we will be flying at 170,000 feet at Mach 9.”

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