Weah Airport Authority appointee has fake IDs

…. Darlington T. Karnley also lied saying he worked with Boeing

When President Weah decided to appoint Darlington T. Karnley as CEO of the Liberia Airports Authority (LAA), he may have thought he had the relevant qualification and work experience. After all, there was a lot of technical jargon on his resume.

But beyond the jargon, there is a set of so-called qualifications that are either outright lies or, at best, bloated.

Initially, a statement from the Liberian presidency claimed that the LAA’s chief executive-designate, who has yet to be confirmed by the Senate, had “a wealth of aviation experience and is a candidate for the Masters in Aviation Management from the Aviation Institute of Maintenance of Philadelphia (AIM).

However, a visit to the AIM website says the opposite, because no courses are offered in aviation management.

It was further established that AIM was more of a technical school and not a degree-granting institution, as Darlington claimed when he submitted his CV to the Liberian presidency.

Courses offered by the school include Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT), Avionics Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMTA), Maintenance Technician, Aviation Maintenance Occupational Certification Online Course, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems .

the Daily Observer learned that the doctor appointed by the AAL has obtained a professional certificate in aviation maintenance from the Aviation Institute of Maintenance and that he is not a candidate for the master’s degree in aviation management in philadelphia as claimed.

Karnley’s profile, released by the Weah administration, also did not indicate where he completed his undergraduate studies. However, it has been established that he attended Cuttington University for three years before leaving for the United States. His stay at the University took place between 2010 and 2013.

He reportedly worked at Radio Advent as a program director, before moving to the United States in 2014.

On his work experience, the Weah administration said Karnley works at Boeing, America’s largest aircraft manufacturer, as a specialist avionics technology manager, managing all installations, inspections, tests, adjustments or repairs of avionics equipment, such as as radar, radio, navigation and missile control systems in aircraft or space vehicles.

This too could not be verified. Another search with Boeing Zoominfo directory where the names and titles of all their employees/contractors are uploaded according to the region did not show the Darlington T. Karnley or something similar.

In the phone booka single name did not appear that matched the full name of President Weah’s appointee or his job title, “Avionics Technology Specialist”.

Rather, the Daily Observer learned that Karnley worked for Duncan Aviation, the world’s largest private business jet service provider. However, even this information has not yet been verified.

Duncan Aviation’s services include comprehensive maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) service offerings at three US facilities, strategically placed regional workshops and mobile technical teams capable of providing service worldwide and, at the same time, to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services for Boeing.

Karnley’s appointment comes as President Weah’s administration was looking for qualified and experienced personnel to manage the crisis-stricken Roberts International Airport.

One such crisis has been the power outage issues – the latest example being the power outage on the night of April 27, which forced an inbound Brussels Airlines flight back to Freetown, after attempting to land .

The incident has caused panic over the safety of the passenger’s crew on board the plane.

Operating an international airport or a system of airports requires much more experience than just maintaining and repairing aircraft.

In fact, the portfolio Darlington has been appointed to by the Liberian government will hardly require him to be directly involved in aircraft maintenance unless, of course, President George M. Weah wants Karnley to be directly in charge of maintenance of the presidential jet. .

Meanwhile, sources suggest that LAA’s newly appointed dodgy manager has been a career comedian and pianist in the United States.

According to sources, churches in the United States often hire him to play the piano, and sometimes he is hired as a comedian at weddings, parties and other social gatherings.

“There are no aviation management courses offered at AIM Philadelphia. Not even at the certificate or diploma level. Karnley lied about being a master’s aviation candidate at AIM,” said Weah administration critic Martin Kollie. “As we said, AIM is a school of trades for entry-level aircraft maintenance mechanics. You don’t even need a high school diploma to be registered with AIM, you just need its equivalency.

The Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court (CACC), headed by Kollie, said it would not allow anyone to use false foreigner credentials in Liberia.

“We call on the Liberian Senate to vehemently reject President Weah’s candidate for the airport because he is unfit for such a position.”

He further stated that while the Senate does not have a committee to vet and/or verify the credentials of potential candidates or government appointees, the CACC stands ready to offer its pro bono services.

“We have the ability and expertise to cross-check and perform thorough due diligence. We are ready to help you. Fake diplomas in Liberia are too much,” Kollie said.

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